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86 - Surviving Hurricane Ian Stories -- Freakshow is Back!

October 26, 2022 FloridaFreakshow.com Season 2 Episode 46
Florida Freakshow
86 - Surviving Hurricane Ian Stories -- Freakshow is Back!
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Did you think you got rid of us?  All it took was a 500-year hurricane to bring back the Freakshow! And, when we come back -- it's for a SUPER-SIZED Episode (57 Minutes of Ian-Action!)

Thanks to Hurricane Ian, the tenacity of Floridians--- and our freakitude (is that a word?) -- has been on full display the last month.

Join us for a funny take on Florida news as we check in on oddball headlines from around the Sunshine State.

Veteran journalists Cory and Kirsten O'Donnell may not be comedians, but they easily find the comedy behind Florida's headlines.  See more episodes on our website, FloridaFreakshow.com.

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Thanks a lot, Ian - Intro
Latta-Tude Boat Rides out Ian in the Gulf
Our Ian Experience - Riding The Storm Out
Mayor Loses Cool at Cleanup Event
Ian Survival Mode - After The Storm
Street Shark in Naples
Our Ian Rescue Story - Puddy-dise Lost